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Meritt McKittrick

Age 17 • Godley, TX • Godley High School
(817) 933-1575 • EmailFollow on Instagram

Meritt was put in an impossible and unfair situation when she was just 5 years old. She was injured in a car accident and ever since then has been in the fight to one-day walk again. With that being said, she has never once made an excuse for herself. She has faced every challenge head on and embraced every obstacle that was in her way. In 8th grade she was introduced to wheelchair sports and hasn’t looked back since. She has improved every year till she finally won a gold medal in track and field! Merit is the definition of “Heart Has No Limit” and I personally couldn’t be happier to have her representing our brand!

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Layken Sanders

Age 20 • Troy, AL • Lurleen B. Wallace College
(334) 429-3040 • EmailFollow on Instagram

I was always the shortest one when I played volleyball and the coach didn’t have faith in me and I ended up winning the best setter award for my season. HHNL is such a positive message for kids and adults in life and I would love to share the message and company through Alabama.

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Lincoln Forges

Age 18 • Apopka, FL • University of Central Florida
(407) 592-6042 • EmailFollow on Twitter

The reason why I believe in HHNL is because I see it as more than a brand or a saying. My life is an example of how heart really has no limit because I’ve been through a lot but by having heart it has allowed me to just keep going and not let whatever is happening to me distract me from goals and happiness. I know that there are people out there who have gone through their own personal struggles and have had the heart to push through and have success and not let their lives be defined by an illness or where they stand economically. People with diseases or illness doesn’t only define HHNL, people who find the heart to overcome anything and everything define it.